Our History

Lintel, Inc. has a past that spans generations of dedicated employees delivering the vision of founder, F.P. Linder. From humble, yet determined, beginnings in 1903. Hart Telephone Company evolved into a family of companies including Hart Telephone Company (HTC), Hart Communications, Inc. (HCI), and Hart Cable (HC). Lintel companies provide cutting-edge communication and entertainment services to the residents and businesses of Hart County and the surrounding area. Every passing decade of service provides countless examples of the vision of the company’s leaders and the steps they have taken to ensure that we are ready to serve our customers with the latest technology coupled with the level of quality and service that remains true to our heritage.

HTC survived the hard times of the region and the nation of the early 1900’s all while establishing their position within the telecommunications industry. While witnessing the many changes this country has experienced, HTC has also observed firsthand the changes in technology that enabled daily communications to move from a luxury of a few to a necessity for all. As the country experienced the beginnings of civil and cultural changes during the 1950’s so too was HTC. By that time F.P.’s sons, Spencer and Frank, had taken the reigns of the company. They began phasing out equipment that was considered antiquated, started implementing newer equipment that provided expansion capabilities, and improved service for HTC’s customers. Conversion efforts became a family affair when they utilized their nephews, Jack Barton and William Anderson, to travel door to door and literally switch out existing battery telephones and convert the customers to dial telephones.

As the 60’s and 70’s came and went, Hart County experienced a dynamic population growth and the demands on HTC’s network were once again tested, but HTC held true to the company’s pioneering spirit and boldly met the challenges that laid before them. The 80’s were an interesting time for the telecommunications industry as a result of the divestiture of the Bell system. Coupled with a growing subscriber base, HTC was braced for the realities of deregulation and were keenly aware that deregulation also paved the road for competition. During this pivotal time the family’s 5th generation was at the helm which included Jack’s daughter Lynn, and son Lee along with Jack and his wife, Betty. They led the effort for HTC to become the first independent telephone company to install the newly introduced optical fiber transmission system when they signed a contract to provide a 120-channel host-to-remote lightwave system.

In an effort to continue serving customers, Lintel, Inc., was established as the holding company for HTC, HC and HCI. HCI began providing sales and service of telephone station equipment for both residential and business customers. Since its inception HCI has been a primary provider of key systems and PBX equipment for northeast Georgia. Led by Lee and Lynn, Lintel, Inc., acquired their first cable TV system in 1995. In 1996 HCI began offering dial-up internet services followed by DSL in 2001.

From 1903 to present day, multiple generations of the Linder family have guided the company’s growth, contributed to the local community, and served the businesses and residents of Hart County and the surrounding areas. What started with F.P’s unwavering vision has grown to a family of companies providing local phone service, long distance, cable television, high-speed Internet and in turn making the world accessible to our customers. Today Lee’s daughter, Catherine, proudly continues to lead the company as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Our commitment to Technology you need. People you can trust is as strong as our 100+ years of operation.

Our Mission

At HTC, we strive to provide quality, affordable communications technology services in a trustworthy, friendly, professional, and efficient manner. We are dedicated to providing services that help enrich the lives of the customers and communities we serve.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Competence
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Stewardship
  • Community