HTC Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to share with everyone that I just switched over to a new phone system at the Hart County Clerk of Superior Court Office and the Hart County Telephone company done an OUTSTANDING JOB!!!! These guys were very knowledgeable and professional in performing the work. They were very helpful in helping us learn this new system. They are at the top of their game when it comes to this new technology. Even after completing everything they have been back to check on us. I have watched a commercial that Patrick Guranella does for this phone company and he speaks about living and being a part of this community and that we see each other daily, he knows the importance of helping folks as well as the other employees!!! They even helped me on the weekend get the jury message on our new phones. Folks this is SERVICE!!! And the best part is in switching this over is going to save over $1200.00 per year of our tax payer dollars. I love that part!!! I want to name everyone that helped but I’m sure I would forget someone. Patrick if you would please list them for me. Again I could go on more, For the past 10 years I’ve been clerk they have always went above and beyond!!!I’ll just say it has been a pleasure working with them. On a personal note I will be switching over to them at the end of the month!!! I encourage anyone to look at what they can offer you. Remember these are hometown folks!!!if you were one of the employees that helped please comment would like everyone to know who you are.

Thank You,
Frankie Gray, Clerk of Hart County Superior Court