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Hart Telephone Company
196 N. Forest Avenue
Hartwell, GA, 30643
Attention: Ashley Mauldin

October 8, 2013

Dear HTC,

Farm Fest 2013 was a huge success due to businesses like yours helping support this effort to highlight our Agricultural community. Agriculture is a large important part of this region that deserves to be showcased. Families came out, Churches, Businesses, School kids got involved and many people volunteered to make it happen. We were excited that so many different facets of this community came together to create something that everyone enjoyed.

The Chamber of Commerce wishes to thank you for your generous sponsorship. We hope to make Farm Fest a permanent event each year and build upon its success. This tourism driven event had over 2800 people from all around the region attending in challenging weather conditions, so we think we could double it next year.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for being a partner in Farm Fest and we hope we can count on HTC for next year. If you have any comments to help us improve the event, please let us know. We wish you much success as you continue your work and thank you for all you do in supporting our community.

Best regards,
Hart County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Staff

Nicki Meyer & Bobbie Busha

Executive Director & Chairperson, Hart County Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Joey Smith
196 North Forest Ave.
Hartwell, GA 30643

Dear Mr. Smith:

I am writing to commend one of your employees who went beyond the responsibilities of his work with HTC to offer help when needed.

A couple of weeks ago I dropped my husband off at Coiles Garage in the Cokesbury region of the county to pick up a car which had been repaired. About halfway back to our house the engine started making a really nasty clacking sound and the ‘Check ¬†Engine’ light came on. I pulled off the road and tried to call my husband on his cell phone but there was no cell service in that area so I knew I’d just have to wait until my husband appeared on his way back. Unknown to me, he had decided to run¬†another errand on his way home.

After five or ten minutes an HTC truck happened by, stopped, and a young man got out and asked if he could help. I explained the situation and he offered to take a look under the hood. He immediately saw the problem – a spark plug, still attached to its wire, was hanging loose in the engine compartment. Although he didn’t have the ideal tools (metric) to work on this he managed in short order to get it reconnected. Just as everything was functional again my husband arrived.

Matt Seawright was the young man who stopped and I truly appreciated his assistance. It was a little unnerving to be disabled on the side of the road with no cell phone service to reach anyone. Matt not only stopped see if something was wrong, he even fixed my car! While we have always had quick, professional service from HTC with any TV, phone, and internet problems we didn’t know your guys were so multi-talented.

Please thank Matt again for me. He is a credit to your company.

Connie Hamilton